Tool Easily Breaks Into Locked PCs

Proving once again that you can do a lot of damage with a little investment and a lot of ingenuity, security researcher Samy Kamkar recently managed to take down a locked, password-protected computer armed with only a US$5 Raspberry Pi.

The low-tech cookie-siphoning intrusion is one of Kamkar’s simplest hacks ever. He previously has unlocked car doors, garages, wireless remote cameras and other devices, with MacGyver-like precision.

Kamkar’s latest hack, PoisonTap, uses a Raspberry Pi Zero, a micro SD card, and a micro USB cable or other device that emulates USB, including USB Armory or LAN Turtle.

Windows, OS X and Linux recognize PoisonTap as an Ethernet device, load it as a low-priority network device, and perform a DHCP request across it, even if the computer is locked or password-protected, Kamkar explained.

PoisonTap provides the computer with an IP address. However, the DHCP response tells the machine that the IPv4 space is part of PoisonTap’s local network, rather than a small subnet, he said.

If a Web browser is running in the background, one of the open pages will perform an HTTP request in the background, noted Kamkar. PoisonTap responds with a spoof, returning its own address, and the HTTP request hits the PoisonTap Web server.

When the node Web server gets the request, PoisonTap’s response is interpreted as HTML or JavaScript.

The attacker is able to hijack all Internet traffic from the machine and siphon and store HTTP cookies from the Web browser or the top 1,000,000 Alexa websites.

Whats Happen on News Propaganda

A few years back, when it was one company, HP made a huge mistake that cost a number of people their jobs and forced the replacement of many of its board members. The company suffered through some nasty litigation and several top executives almost landed in jail.

The mistake was tied back to something the board authorized, which at the time was called “pretexting.” It also went by the more common term “identity theft.” It is my belief that the board wouldn’t have authorized the effort if it had been told that what the teams planned to do was steal the identities of reporters.

Given how risk-averse boards were, and still are, HP’s directors simply would not have been willing to take the risk, in my view, and much of HP’s pain in the last decade could have been avoided.

Given that Russia is the source for much of it, I now wonder if our use of the term “fake news” as a label — as opposed to the older and more relevant term — isn’t doing us a disservice, by not highlighting the inherently evil nature of the practice.

Fake News is intentionally designed to mislead, and it should be treated like propaganda. Blocking propaganda as a matter of law would be far easier to accomplish than blocking “fake news,” because “fake news” seems more benign than “propaganda” — even though, like “pretexting” and “identity theft,” they are the same thing.

I’ll share my thoughts on that and close with my product of the week: a new Magellan Dash camera that might make a decent gift for those needing to document some of the insane drivers on the road, or catch someone messing with their car.

There Is a Lot of ‘Fake News’Now much of the fake news I currently get on Facebook is simply to get me to click a link, often as part of a process to install some form of malware. Often, these stories have been about the death of a celebrity who hasn’t died, but during the election, much of the fake news surrounded things that weren’t true about Hillary Clinton but that clearly were intended to change my vote. They were attempts to change how I viewed a candidate, in order to elicit a reaction.

Given the nature of the false stories and the fact that polls showed Clinton would win anyway, my belief is that the effort was to impede her ability to govern after she won, and the anticipated disclosure of the effort was designed to do the same thing to Trump.

The sure thing for Russia wasn’t to elect Trump or Clinton, but to ensure that whoever won would have such a cloud hanging overhead that neither could really execute. In other words, Russia wasn’t going after a candidate — it was going after the country.

Beyond the idea that another country could have a material impact either on the election or on the effectiveness of the elected candidate is the frightening fact that it happened in a country that has the tools to formulate a proper response but chose not to use them.

As initial attempts go, this was a powerful one. Given the propagation of ever more intelligent tools to create increasingly more targeted messages, it means a foreign power with adequate funds — like Russia or China — could gain near-absolute control over who gets elected in the U.S. That’s troubling — particularly given that the U.S. developed the tools both to carry out and to defend against such a strategy.


Defending Against Foreign Election Control

Clearly, there are free speech and censorship issues with regard to the identification and elimination of fake news, but with analytics, we can identify both trends and the organized manipulation of facts that go viral.

That is why switching from the name “fake news” to the name “propaganda” when a foreign, criminal or terrorist organization is generating this “news” could go a long way toward reducing its impact.

Once it’s identified, there are tools that can explain to people that the news they are seeing isn’t fact-based, and/or source the information so people understand there may be inherent bias.

Tech Effort to Get Money

One year after a powerhouse group of technology executives and venture capital icons met to form the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, the group, led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has launched a US$1 billion investment fund to support clean energy startups around the world.

The Breakthrough Energy Fund, chaired by Gates, is designed to jumpstart an entire new generation of entrepreneurs developing radical new approaches to providing reliable and low-cost energy, with zero carbon emissions as the end goal.

Institutional partners, including the University of California, will help generate research ideas. Strategic partners, including Southern Co. and others, will help the group with regulatory issues, and figure out which companies have the most promise.

In addition to Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Breakthrough Energy Coalition’s board members include John Arnold, co-chair of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation; John Doerr, chair of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers; and Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures.


Star Power

Other leading members include Jack Ma, executive chairman of Alibaba Group; Mukesh Ambani, chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries; Hasso Plattner, cofounder of SAP; Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon; and Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently joined the investor group, bringing the membership to 21, Gates said.

“Breakthrough technologies … have the potential to be one of the best investment opportunities of the 21st century,” Doerr said earlier this week, in a conference call with reporters.

The fund will invest in a wide variety of companies — storage, transportation, agricultural, electrical generation and industrial, among others. The fund will offer a range of financing, from seed capital to early stage investment and capitalization.

The fund will take advantage of a lot of lessons learned about financing clean energy companies, and apply those lessons to the new venture, Doerr said.

The fund will emphasize taking a “long, patient view” toward investment, in order to give companies enough time to properly develop, Khosla said during the conference call.

The fund will be able to handle seven-, eight- and nine-figure investments, Arnold added, and it will focus on revolutionary versus evolutionary investments — that is, those designed to push aggressively toward significant emission reductions.

“While there might be long-term business gains, I personally believe that this is part of [Gates’] philanthropic work to improve overall human conditions, particularly for the next generation,” observed Farah Saeed, principal consultant at Frost & Sullivan.

“Also, there is the attraction of using technology to resolve existing issues around improving affordability and vast availability of clean energy,” she told TechNewsWorld.


DoE Support

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz hailed the launch of the new fund as a breakthrough that will help push the U.S. into greater standing in the clean energy field, and he warned against the dangers of rolling back this progress.

Medications – Getting Started & Next Steps

Valuable Things That People Need To Get To Know About Flea And Tick Treatments

When the dogs and also cats of people would start to scratch their tail all the time and they would feel like something is biting their legs all of the time. Then people would usually have fleas and ticks on their own home and it can get to itch and bite both pets and also human beings too. These eggs would get to make sure that they can get to survive any types of household, they are really a big problem and are pretty hard to get rid of.

People need to start as soon as they can when they get to see that their own dogs are always scratching because of these ticks and also fleas. Ticks are also another large problem and they are also known to be worse than fleas, these ticks are really different because of the reason that they can be very dangerous especially to most humans.

Ticks mostly require two things to make sure that they can survive which is usually blood and also very humid environments. The combination of these two things is mostly often seen in forests, or also in parks where trees can get to make sure that shades and fallen leaves which can keep the soil moisturized.
A Simple Plan: Treatments

Apart from the really serious consequences that these tick bites would get to cause, there are a number of products which are available in the market that can help people treat these ticks. There are a number of flea treatment combinations that can both prevent and treat their dog and also cat against a number of ticks and also fleas. It would also get to kill ticks within just 48 hours and would also get to decrease the risk of transmitting various dogs and also cat diseases.
Getting To The Point – Treatments

It would also protect people from various kinds of tick infestations for up to four weeks with dogs and also two weeks in most cats. These types of combos needs to applied by a pipette on the skin of most dogs or in the heck of the cat, it is important that the content of the treatment would come directly to the skin to make sure that they treatment can get to work. The product can then be bought on any type of pet store as well as on the internet, they must make sure that they can look for the best ones using great reviews and also suggestions from other former customers which have used the flea and tick treatments in the market. People need to utilize the internet to help them look for which is the best tick treatments that are in the market which is safe for them to use.

The Best Advice About Computers I’ve Ever Written

Benefits of Computer Repair Services There are really good services that include the repairing of your computers so do seek them out if there is a need. You can use your computers for a long time when you engage in proper maintenance procedures. You can accomplish this goal by hiring IT services and computer repair companies. You would find many tasks which you computer actually needs. Be sure to check out these services online because they’d be able to give you everything you need and more. The best provider would be one that already has an excellent track record. With these guys around, your computers would definitely be functioning in the best way possible. An IT professional who has gotten reviews would definitely be someone to look out for. The situation may bring a ton of setbacks when you don’t hire people with experience on these matters. Reliable people doing the job would ensure that computers in your home would be running well again. Computers are always going to be tools that help people do their job. If rely on a good one, you’d be able to do the job well. There would be no point in having a computer when you have really bad systems in the first place. You would be able to eliminate the virus in your computer when you make use of this service. Your network would be free from intruders and that is exactly how you want it to be. Have the situation handled by the best professionals because they will help you avoid incidents with your computers. There are IT professionals who can maintain your devices in all the ways that matter. You can get reliable information from computer shops, not to mention, the various establishments that make use of these devices — which are a lot. Hiring experts who have had so much experience under their belt would be a great decision on your part. Proper repairs would lead to less headaches and that’s definitely a good thing. First of all, you have to do some research and find out who the best professionals are for the job. There is no need for you to purchase a new one when you have really good professionals to fix your device. There are really good computer repair companies in your city and it would not take a lot for you to find them — just search the internet. Aside from taking care of the computer’s hardware, they have to be good at the software part of the venture as well. Make sure to check out the feedback from customers and clients prior to hiring a company. An excellent price for services is definitely what you are looking for. You definitely don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on new computers, that’s for sure.The Best Advice About Computers I’ve Ever Written

Smart Ideas: Repairs Revisited

5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Phones

What To Look For In A Business Phone System

Factors needs to be considered when you are looking for a business phone system. All of the factors will be dependent on the type of business that you are in and the number of calls that you are receiving. Your needs will be provided as there are various systems that are available in the market today. The needs that you have should be provided by the system that you will be choosing no matter what type it is.

Let us now take a look at the basic functions that you should look for in a business phone system.

The very first basic function that a business phone system should have is voice mail. The moment that the business will not be able to answer a phone call from the client, it is a must that they will have the ability to leave a message. If it is your customer’s first time to call your business, having a voice mail would provide them with a good experience. To get the feature, you can already find phones that has built in voice mail systems on it while some may require you to install a device to get this kind of feature.

Your clients will have a better experience if you have a feature called music on hold. A better way to treat your clients while they are on hold is by providing music for them to listen to. The music that is used for your advertising can also be utilized here. What makes this works is by connecting a recording to your phone system.

In your business phone system, you should make sure that it has a conference call. Connecting to multiple callers at one time can be done with the help of this feature. With just one call, you will now be able to have a discussion with multiple callers.

It is in your business phone system that trunking should also be available. It is this feature that configures the incoming lines from the local phone company. For this feature to work, it is a must that you will use the T-1’s which are configured to the phone system as a trunk group. The number of calls that you will receive will be the basis for the configuration. It is by having a bigger business that you will have a more complex type of configuration.

An auto attendant is another feature that your business phone system must have. It is the auto attendant that directs the call depending on the preference if the caller. The person that they are trying to each is the basis for this function to work. The moment that the extension is configured it the phone system, it will directly send them to that extension.

All of these features are basic and should be available in your business phone system.


The Ultimate Guide to Chauffeurs

The Beginner’s Guide to Finding Taxis on the Internet

In a world that is full of private cars and drivers who will use them to get anywhere, there is no doubt that traveling without a car can end up being a bit of a challenge. Still, many people find themselves without the ability to drive their cars over the course of any given year. You’re going to find all kinds of reasons why you might want to use a taxi service, but it will be more likely when you are visiting somewhere without your car on hand.

No matter why you might be unable to drive yourself somewhere, you’ll usually find that the next best option will be to look for the right kind of taxi service. You’ll want to make sure that you’re finding the kind of taxi company that will be able to offer you the most comfortable ride possible. In a lot of cases you will find that there is a certain level of difficulty involved in finding the right taxi. If you can use the information below to your advantage, though, it shouldn’t be any kind of problem to start calling taxis by way of the internet.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is find the right kind of mobile application to help you call for a taxi regardless of where you are. This will involve searching around on your phone until you can locate the appropriate taxi app, followed by installing it on your phone. You’re going to find that certain types of cab companies will have a requirement where you’ll need to establish an account first. Once you can get the application working successfully on your cell phone, though, you will have no problem getting in contact with all of the different taxi companies in the area.
Getting Down To Basics with Taxis

When you want to ensure the safest and most enjoyable ride, you will need to think about picking out a taxi service that gets high marks. You’re going to find that the reviews you’re able to find online will be just what you’ll need when it comes to selecting a taxi service that knows how to work quickly and safely to move you to your destination.
Why People Think Taxis Are A Good Idea

Once you’ve been able to go through the various processes involved in setting up your taxi service account, you’ll know that you can secure a ride whenever you end up needing it. Anyone who wants to get to their destination in a timely manner will discover that choosing a great taxi service can end up being the best way to get the results you need.

A 10-Point Plan for Keywords (Without Being Overwhelmed)

SEO Tactics: Using Appropriate Subjects and Keywords According to Your Website

Adding quality web content on a regular basis is a great SEO tactic. Major search engines determine that your website is active because of new contents being added on a regular basis. Choosing the appropriate subjects or categories according to your website is also important aside from the main web content. Internet users have keen attention to valuable information they are searching for, and they use keywords to locate needed information through search engines. Using appropriate keywords can increase the volume of your web content, achieve optimization, and increase your website’s visibility.

What is the meaning of focus keyword? Focus keyword is defined as the words used you intend for your website to rank for, so when internet users search for that keyword, they’ll find your website. Search engine optimization or SEO is the technology behind the proper selection of keywords to increase your ranking among search engines. SEO agencies provide analysis and evaluation of web content, providing feedback for the improvement of web content and focus keywords. The percentage of keywords you want to appear on search engines should effectively show what your website’s goals are. Bloggers usually want a long tail keyword containing multiple words. Plugin helps in supplementing keyword entry, with suggested keywords basing on major search engines. Plugins give suggestions of keywords, inclusive of terms and logical combinations of words used by actual people in searching information on the internet. It is a valuable tool that can give you new and fresh ideas about the search behavior of people in a specific topic you want to write about.

Once you’ve found a long tail search term or keywords you like to begin ranking for, you must determine if your chosen focus keywords can generate a high volume, which highly determines your ranking among search engines. Internet trends give you some ideas about creative ways to increase search volume, allowing you to compare search volume between two keywords over time. Check high-ranking posts similar to your subject, and study and carefully analyze the focus keywords used, so you can apply the strategy to your own webpage to increase your visitors. Apart from knowing the keywords used by people, you need to identify the needs and wants of the people who use the search engine.

The best way to find out in testing your website is by searching the keywords you’ve used, and check if your webpage is included in the first few pages. Each URL has its own specific set of keywords that need to be carefully reviewed, because it creates a huge impact in the visibility, effectiveness, flexibility, attractiveness, and sense of your posts. Thus, proper use of keywords is an important factor in SEO.

Source: *Each URL Has Its Own Specific Set Of Keywords*

What Research About Services Can Teach You

How To Choose A Reliable Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Choosing a medical malpractice attorney for a suit is sometimes very challenging. For an average person, it is complicated to understand the legal points that are used in this field. That’s why you need reputable professional medical malpractice lawyer to take up your lawsuit. Doctors have been on the receiving edge when it comes to matters to do with medical malpractice cases. There are people you know in your neighborhood who have been affected by these cases. These people require the right medical malpractice lawyers to help them get what they deserve out of these cases.

There various steps to use to find a medical malpractice lawyer. Online sites are the easiest ways of getting medical malpractice lawyers. Other a reliable source of information is the past clients. You can also consult your friends and family members who have had such cases before. Making a hasty decision can be very costly to the outcome of your case. Have a list of factors to follow when making a decision on the best lawyer to hire. Choose a lawyer who will represent you with all willingness and determination to the end of your case.

A lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice cases should be ardent in dealing with such cases. The lawyer should supply the client with all the guidance she requires for the success of the case. the guidance should be directed to making steps towards winning a case.
Interesting Research on Experts – What No One Ever Told You

A medical malpractice attorney should have the ability to negotiate for proper settlements. He should be able to deal with the medical professionals and insurance companies in reaching a consensus on the amount to be paid to the victim. Knowledge of cases of such nature will enable the lawyer to reach a great deal at the end of the case. A lawyer should explore all the options including having the case settled outside the courtroom.
The Ultimate Guide to Attorneys

The attorney should be a member of the attorney’s organization that accredits them. The lawyer should provide legal documents warranting his services. This will boost your confidence in them taking your case. Read daily papers that show the rank of such lawyers and their work. Researching will enable you to learn more about these lawyers and their profession. The information may entail how the lawyers have done in the cases they have dealt with.

If there are lawyers that you personally know, ask them for recommendations. The lawyers will give you what they know about good lawyers in the field. There are people who have been victims of these cases, and they can be of good use. The association of lawyers may be an excellent source of information concerning their one of them. References from previous customers can be of great help to you. The first step is always important and finding a good lawyer for your medical malpractice case is the most important.

6 Lessons Learned: Experts

Why You Need A Law Firm To Assist You

Believe it or not, many people are failing to seek for the right law firm to protect their rights. Rather, they just choose from a classified ad or even calling the nearest injury attorney. But what can possibly happen if you are not represented well? Truth is, there’s nothing much apart from the fact that you might deal with tons of medical bills, damages on property, physical pains, lost of income, mental troubles and to name a few. As being the victim of the accident, you should not suffer any further and instead, be provided with several benefits.

Personal injury may take place when someone was hurt either emotionally or physically, intended or even not. Basically, this is careless disregard for the wellbeing of the victim. Even if the action was anticipated or wasn’t planned to cause pain to another, with the non-action or action of another party, it does the damage. Being able to find the right law firm can help in preserving your rights and ensure that you’ll get compensation for whatever it is that you deserve.

Since both parties are claiming that the other party is the one at fault, it is oftentimes a complex issue. Only then, when official investigations ends to a stop. Insurance providers have insurance adjusters who will do their best to protect their clients from losing too much. Normally, these adjusters are going to offer amounts to the victim within 24 hour period from when the accident happened. It appears that what they’re offering is a good one but remember, these people only try to get out of trouble at the quickest possible time with the least expense as well. By working with the right law firm, there’s no need to rush into signing waivers and collecting measly amount that they’ve proposed. What this mean is, you will get what’s deserved for situation.
How I Became An Expert on Services

Below are a couple of accidents to which you need a law firm to help you out.
What I Can Teach You About Services

Tractor trailer accidents – basically, these are big trucks or trailer trucks that travel for commercial purposes. Not many victims of such related incidents came out alive and if ever they do, they often end up with lost limbs, permanent disability, hearing impaired, facial distortion, blindness and among others. This is the reason why you need to work with a law firm to guarantee that you’ll be taken care of if you sustained such injuries.

Wrongful death – when someone dies due to intentional action or someone’s negligence, wrongful death may be formulated. It’s pretty obvious that you need a reputable and professional lawyer or law firm to help you out in this case.

5 Lessons Learned: Designs

Ways To Create A Small Business Website Design For A Small Business.

When you look at the world we are living in today, websites are a key thing people have. You will find that this is an important thing especially to business owners for the small and large enterprises. With technology in the world today, it is very possible to find that it has enabled people to fully rely on the websites when it comes to shopping and other things. You will find that people who are left behind will tend to think that designing websites is an expensive deal which has people believing the fallacy.

You will need to move forward since being left behind will not be the ideal thing in a fast moving world. It will be important to know that the size of the business in this case will not matter and you will require a website in either way. When you are looking for ways to create a website, consider a number of these given factors here.

It is important to know the website domain name in this given case. This is the first thing that will show that your website can be seen in a search engine. You have to ensure that the names in this case are easy to pronounce as well as be written too. Adding a city or an area code to it will be an added advantage to you as well. You need to keep in mind that you will need to register the domain once you have registered it.

The domain in many cases is bought at a certain price depending on the host. For those who are running on a budget, consider using the free hosts like the word press. When you buy the domain, the advantage of this is that you will be able to own and regulate it according to your own will and you will share it with no one.

The other thing is to know what contents you will need displayed on the website. You must figure out what you really want to say in your website and write it down. In many cases you only have to give an idea of what you are dealing with to the customers. Consider the homepage which is a way to give you the information required on who you are and also what you deal with.

You have to portray your unique capabilities which help you to stand out among the people who are doing the same thing as you are doing. There is a page that you will need to have so that you may get the ideal products which you are offering to them.

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Bandanas Are the Ideal Thing to Stock for a Fast Sale

Sometimes a business desires the best merchandise which will draw in focus with the customer. Regularly these items are acquired in mass and may be sold for just a small cost to retail industry customers. These kinds of products may be utilised as promotional merchandise too. The organization may offer you the thing free together with the purchase of additional items as well as as being a move into the store to get a absolutely free item hoping the consumer buys additional things. It could be the store has a hot spot at the register exactly where products appear to disappear quickly. These are definitely all great reasons to acquire Bandanas in Bulk. Certainly, though, the business enterprise must look for a middleman which offers good quality bandanas.

Offering bandanas as a retailer is a smart step. Obviously, you need to ensure that the wholesale bandanas result from a professional rep. Firstly, they should be available in various colors and be created from very good cloth fabric. These bits of cloth possess all kinds of utilizes. Men and women love to use these material squares. They’re able to present covering for the head from the sun or perhaps to capture sweat while one is functioning outdoors. They may be an accessory for an outfit or be put into use as a handkerchief. A man or woman in no way is aware of as soon as they must blow their nose or wipe away a tear. Bandanas may also be wonderful add-ons for the dog. Human beings like to provide their pet dogs attractive bandana collars. An enterprise cannot go wrong with offering bandanas available.

Learning The “Secrets” of Services

Learn About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a certain concept that many people have been concerning about from the entire world and at all times. In the myths and philosophy of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, they have represented machines and entities that are artificial in which they have qualities that are similar to us humans, especially how they think, reason out and the intelligence is what they are concerning about.

The branch of computer science concerning about the study and design of machines that are intelligent is the artificial intelligence. The science of making an intelligent machine is what artificial intelligence is defines as and this term was coined in 1956 when there was a conference at Dartmouth.

Together with the development of the electronic computers back in the past years, this certain domain and concept called as the artificial intelligence which is concerned with the making of intelligent machines which resemble humans, or it could be said as the qualities are those that humans have, started the production of intelligent machines.

The artificial intelligence have disciplines that they are implying and that they are very different from one another. Many fields of knowledge like philosophy, logic, mathematics, social sciences, psychology, cognitive sciences, engineering and computer science are very closely related and these are very crucial to artificial intelligence. These kind of different sciences and fields are factors that contribute to the creation of intelligent machines which really resembles us human beings.

The areas of application of the artificial intelligence are very different like image recognition, learning systems, robotics, natural language processing, soft computing, planning, knowledge representation and reasoning, logic programming, image understanding, scheduling, computer vision and so much more.

There are several researchers that have been achieving big successes in their creation of intelligent machines which has the capability of partially doing what a human being can do and in the past years, this field of artificial intelligence has been recorded as a rapid evolution since then.

Problems cannot be avoided sometimes, so researchers have also been having problems and are still encountering some problems in the simulation of the intelligence of a human being. When it comes to an intelligent machine, it should be able to correspond to certain standards and it must have numerous characteristics.

Intelligent machines should have the ability to plan the problems that should be solved, set goals to be achieved, ability to make choices and predict actions, ability to learn, understand human languages and to be able to show their emotions, so this is another challenge for the many researchers in the field of artificial intelligence.

You can search on Dan Faggella for you to know more about artificial intelligence.

Source: Daniel Faggella