The President Elects

Fact-checking President-elect Donald Trump can be a chore, even for people paid to do it. The Washington Post wants to make it less so, with add-ons to the popular Chrome and Firefox browsers.

The browser extension, RealDonaldContext, is available from the Chrome Web Store or the Mozilla Foundation.

After installation, any time you click on a tweet on the @realdonaldtrump account, any fact-checking the Post may have done also will be displayed.

The fact-checking includes adding context. For instance, Trump posted this tweet on Dec. 12:

If you view that tweet with the Post extension active, you’ll see this displayed:

“There’s important context missing.”Trump originally pledged to hold a press conference on Dec. 15 to explain how he would avoid conflicts of interest as president. That was canceled before it happened. There remain questions about how Trump will ensure that his presidential decisions don’t unduly benefit his corporate interests, even if he’s not the titular head of the Trump Organization.”

At the end of the Post‘s comments is a link to a relevant story in the newspaper about the subject in the tweet.

In addition to adding context to what can be misleading information in Trump’s tweets, the Post applet offers some kibbitzing.